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Belshi Lakes

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Belshi Lakes in Dumreja Elbasan are known as one of the most beautiful karst pearls of the Mediterranean. The most precious gifts that nature has made this area are 85 karst lakes Belesh while her geographical position to develop the premises to become a coveted area as the tourists , but also for business .

Once you have passed Elbasan not take more than 45 minutes ride to come into the dome area , which lies in an area of 21,500 hectares , where 3 percent of its busy karst lakes , which number goes to 85. Characteristic of karst lakes dome is that they are confined to rain and lakes filling their water flow generally done by temporary surface . On the road towards the town of Belesh the sound eye fishermen who sell peat to grow in its lakes . While all these lakes are very suitable for development of aquatic flora and fauna. 

The presence of rounded hills with the same height separated from each other by small valleys , the plateau of the dome gave a corrugated appearance that makes it amazing .